Here I come Big 60!


Man, how time flies!

Working from home…

Other than being a gallery curator and working with incredibly amazing artists, I also am an Area Manager for a national mortgage company and oversee six locations in Oregon and Washington. In March, I had a very complex task of getting all these locations into their own home offices with all supplies, equipment, secure protocols in place in order for each team member to be as successful working from home as they were working from their traditional office. In short, it was a lot of work! 

So, what I found for myself is I would start working at 6am when the markets opened, and often times not stop until 9pm. I found it interesting that unemployment was skyrocketing, but my industry was so crazy busy because of the low interest rates. It really left me astounded at this juxtaposition. Brassworks Gallery was also closed and all the art shows I was curating were also on hold due to COVID. 

My biggest issue with working from home is the close proximity from my desk to the refridgerator… it is exactly 24 steps. Yes, I counted. 

I’ve also turned my dining room into a makeshift workspace with my designer Hilary as we work together during COVID publishing our second art book and keeping Greg’s website up to date.

Not sure what the rest of the year will pan out to be like, but I will be set no matter what office I will be working from.

It’s not always about work while home…

These are all images I took around my home and neighborhood.

Gallery Updates

During the COVID-19 crisis, Brassworks Gallery has been doing the 2019 Retrospective through their website and by appointment. We have had some nice success from that, but we are trying to figure out how to move forward with future openings while following social distancing rules and keep everyone safe.

Also during this time, I decided to create a sales office within the gallery and the surrounding studios for undergroundrobin.

We are anticipating being open for First Friday on August 7th with our show ‘Abstraction Distraction’ followed by September 4th opening of ‘Post Digital Pop’. Watch for details and updates regarding social distancing, maximum capacity, and more.


March 2020 is all about a 2019 Perspective

2019 was a fun year for me in the Art Curating world here in Portland OR – I had the wonderful experience of working with some truly amazing talent from all the world the US and from here in Portland.    Since several of the shows I curated were from all over the world, this meant art was shipped in.

Since the shows were up for 25 days, the art also went on Brassworks Gallery website for 4 to 6 months, depending on the show.  What that meant for me is that for any art that didn’t sell and wasn’t local, if the artist didn’t inquire to ask for it to be shipped back, it means I have some art in storage and eventually we do ship unsold art back once the show is off the website.

With that said, I was setting up all of my 2020 shows and had March to fill – I pondered doing a collective local group show then I considered a show that featured the images of OR, which could be a landscape or a painted city scene, anything that was a good visual of Oregon.  I really liked that idea but wanted more time to prepare for it so I decided to move that out to 2021 so I can give artists more time to prepare. 

This made reminded me of some of the amazing art I had at the studio storage loft on sight, I mean there are some amazing works of art, that I feel really could sell if promoted.  On that note, I thought, what the heck, why not a Brassworks 2019 Art Retrospective and I put on a show featuring all the art I have in the loft.

With that decided, I am curating two shows in March here in Portland OR – first is at Chaos Gallery where I am curating “Urban Surrealism” an in-depth look the of movement and the art of Gregory Hergert, this will be a retrospective of the Urban Surrealism book as well.  The show is hung from March 5th which is the opening reception and closes April 25th, I am excited about this because I am starting to venture out to curate into a different gallery.

The Brassworks 2019 Retrospective opens March 6th at Brassworks Gallery and will features works from amazing artists from all over the world.  Watch for promotions and show details via Instagram, Facebook and my website so you can see which artists works I choose.   Sometimes reflecting can be a good thing.

Ciao… ur


2020 is looking mighty busy!

2020 has started off with a Bang! I can’t believe it is already February. For the month of February I am working on “My Twisted Valentine” opening at Brassworks Gallery, February 7th. I have such a great line up of talented of Artists for this show and it is going to be fun to see what a Twisted Valentine means to them.

March has me curating two different shows, one at Brassworks Gallery. The show is “2019 Brassworks Retrospective” this show will highlight the art that I have at the gallery from past shows of 2019. Some great art from all over the world and a great way to see some of the great works of art you may have missed last year but really wanted to see. This show opens Friday March 6th, which is also the SE Portland First Friday Art Walk.

My next show is curated at Chaos Gallery“Urban Surrealism” The Book & The Art of Gregory Hergert. Opening Thursday, March 5th and up through April 30th in downtown Portland OR, which is also NW Portland First Thursday Art Walk.

This weekend, I met with book designer, Hilary Thompson, you will hear her name often, she worked with me in publishing the book Urban Surrealism. We mapped out our next 2 art books we are publishing by June 2020 – seems crazy enough to take on a new book after just completing one Oct of last year, let alone taking on 2. Watch for details, one will feature artist from all over the world for special show I am curating and publishing a book for on opening night. I am not sure what on earth I am thinking but you know, the only thing that stops you is the mental blocks we put in our own mind. So here’s to a no mental block 2020!

Ciao…. ur 



Call To PNW Veteran Artists

Deadline has been extended through December 5th, 2019 – For Acrylic Warfare Group Show.

Show opens January 3rd, 2020 at Brassworks Gallery in Portland OR. and is up for a 3 weeks.

You will need to be a veteran who is also an artist to participate in this show. Please contact me for information regarding this opportunity, please contact me at:

contactme@undergroundrobin – or –




Glad to see ya!

While I am glad that you took the time to click on a link to take you to my new website…… I am NOT quite done creating it!  I have been super crazy busy curating shows with some amazing artist!!!   I promise this site will be up no later than October 15th, 2019!

In the mean time, here is a list of shows I am curating at Brassworks Gallery in Portland, OR

• 09/28/19 — “5IVE” Show Closing Reception @ Brassworks Gallery

• 10/04/19 — “Hallows Myth” Opening Reception @ Brassworks Gallery

• 11/01/19 — “Primal City” Opening Reception & Art Book Launch @ Brassworks Gallery

• 12/06/19 — “Art Soup” Opening Reception @ Brassworks Gallery

• 01/03/20 — “Acrylic Warfare” 10-City Tour Kickoff @ Brassworks Gallery

• 03/06/20 — 2-Person Show w/ Glenn Barr & Gregory Hergert @ Brassworks Gallery

• 05/01/20 — “Urban Aesop” Opening Reception  & Art Book Launch @ Brassworks Gallery