Glad to see ya!

While I am glad that you took the time to click on a link to take you to my new website…… I am NOT quite done creating it!  I have been super crazy busy curating shows with some amazing artist!!!   I promise this site will be up no later than October 15th, 2019!

In the mean time, here is a list of shows I am curating at Brassworks Gallery in Portland, OR

• 09/28/19 — “5IVE” Show Closing Reception @ Brassworks Gallery

• 10/04/19 — “Hallows Myth” Opening Reception @ Brassworks Gallery

• 11/01/19 — “Primal City” Opening Reception & Art Book Launch @ Brassworks Gallery

• 12/06/19 — “Art Soup” Opening Reception @ Brassworks Gallery

• 01/03/20 — “Acrylic Warfare” 10-City Tour Kickoff @ Brassworks Gallery

• 03/06/20 — 2-Person Show w/ Glenn Barr & Gregory Hergert @ Brassworks Gallery

• 05/01/20 — “Urban Aesop” Opening Reception  & Art Book Launch @ Brassworks Gallery

This blog is created to share some of the creative words of all the artists I've met and have yet to meet, in addition to showcasing some of their amazing art.

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