Man, how time flies!

Working from home…

Other than being a gallery curator and working with incredibly amazing artists, I also am an Area Manager for a national mortgage company and oversee six locations in Oregon and Washington. In March, I had a very complex task of getting all these locations into their own home offices with all supplies, equipment, secure protocols in place in order for each team member to be as successful working from home as they were working from their traditional office. In short, it was a lot of work! 

So, what I found for myself is I would start working at 6am when the markets opened, and often times not stop until 9pm. I found it interesting that unemployment was skyrocketing, but my industry was so crazy busy because of the low interest rates. It really left me astounded at this juxtaposition. Brassworks Gallery was also closed and all the art shows I was curating were also on hold due to COVID. 

My biggest issue with working from home is the close proximity from my desk to the refridgerator… it is exactly 24 steps. Yes, I counted. 

I’ve also turned my dining room into a makeshift workspace with my designer Hilary as we work together during COVID publishing our second art book and keeping Greg’s website up to date.

Not sure what the rest of the year will pan out to be like, but I will be set no matter what office I will be working from.

It’s not always about work while home…

These are all images I took around my home and neighborhood.

Gallery Updates

During the COVID-19 crisis, Brassworks Gallery has been doing the 2019 Retrospective through their website and by appointment. We have had some nice success from that, but we are trying to figure out how to move forward with future openings while following social distancing rules and keep everyone safe.

Also during this time, I decided to create a sales office within the gallery and the surrounding studios for undergroundrobin.

We are anticipating being open for First Friday on August 7th with our show ‘Abstraction Distraction’ followed by September 4th opening of ‘Post Digital Pop’. Watch for details and updates regarding social distancing, maximum capacity, and more.

By Robin Weirich

This blog is created to share some of the creative words of all the artists I've met and have yet to meet, in addition to showcasing some of their amazing art.

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