Brassworks Gallery Shows

In the Valley of She

This was one of my favorite shows that I curated in 2019.   This show came to me after visiting artist Thomas Webb at his studio where he had a painting, he had done hanging on his wall of a playful nude female on a fur rug with a total 1970’s vibe.  I left his studio but the image stayed in my head.  All 2019, I have had the feeling that 1970’s was making a comeback in both fashion and furniture. 

Soon, I began to think what if I curated a show about women in the 1970’s as they were coming of age and exploring their new found power of the women’s movement and sexual freedom.  The theme began to evolve in my mind and next I needed to start to look for artist to participate in the show.

Asking Thomas Webb who’s work inspired me, then Gregory Hergert from there I asked Glenn Barr, who was incredibly helpful in helping me to come up with the show title “In The Valley of She” next came artists Sean Madden, Mimi Yoon, Oronde Kairi, Sean Dickinson, Ben Adams and Bishop Lennon.  What a fun group of artists to work with and let’s just say, some incredible talent!

For this show, we were able to get our online store-website up and online hours before the show went live, which proved beneficial, selling art online opening night was a success.   Opening reception was standing room only lasting late into the night with lots of staring at the art on the wall, casual conversation and lots of show photos taken.

2019 has brought me a lot of wonderful opportunities to work some amazing talent, from super stars, to up and coming to ones who don’t realize they have the gift, those are my favorite, showing them, they have the gift and watching them take off and fly.  Can’t wait to see what 2020 holds in store.