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2020 Lockdown, Yowza!

Well, I hope everyone is adjusting to their new normal for the time being. It’s amazing how fast life can change in 30 days since I wrote my last blog post — March was a blur of nonstop change, negativity and politics. So, since we get enough of the latter when we turn on the TV, the computer or news radio, I am just going to skip over all of that and focus on the little bits of humor I find in any given day.

My new norm is now working from home, as is most people’s currently. I share my home with my husband and 5 cats. We never intended to have 5 cats, but somehow it just happened. All 5 have different personalities and I have discovered that no matter what age they are, during the day they are a bunch of lazy cats who spend their days sleeping. If one gets up to eat, another will get up and take his or her sleeping place, causing another to get up and take their sleeping place. This pattern plays out all day long. Then around 7pm they all spring to life and run amok! I imagine that this is because this is the time I would traditionally return home from work.

I have discovered that there are a lot of neighbors in my hood, I mean, I live in the inner city and our lives are all so busy and we often don’t get home till later in the evening, so I really have only noticed my neighbors closest to us. However, now that I have been home for the past month, I notice I have a big community. When I go on walks we are all eager to chat with someone, as humans are social creatures, and while we chat at a distance, we all feel the need to communicate with each other. I have one neighbor in particular who takes 4 to 5 walks a day. I wish I had her motivation, if I did, maybe by the time we are allowed back to work, my hair will have grown out and I could drop some weight LOL… instead, the refrigerator calls my name, quietly at first, then louder and louder and next thing you know, I have found myself in the kitchen with no memory of getting there. 

I had an opportunity to run to Brassworks Gallery a few weeks ago because I had a package waiting for me and I was so excited to see it was from Hi-Fructose Magazine. They sent me a box with 10 copies of the newest issue and I have 2 shows advertised in it that I am curating. I did a fun short video for Instagram and received 3,450 views to date. My next two major shows are the Post Digital Pop group show, which has some amazing superstars in the Portland, OR art world, and the Flesh & Concrete 2-person show featuring artists Glenn Barr and Gregory Hergert. Both shows are hosted by Brassworks Gallery.

Because of the shelter in place order across most of America, I had moved my April show to later in the year and everything else is fluid now, but like the rest of America, we shall adapt and move forward. What I find amazing is how often I touch my face. What’s up with that? 

Stay home, stay safe, wash your hands, wear your mask and for the safety of everyone, please quit touching your face!!!


Getting You Up To Date

A Little Birdie Told Me…

Wow where did February go? A little birdie told me that this was going to be one busy year.

As March is just merely days away, I am sitting here writing and thinking where on earth did the first two months of 2020 go and how did they manage to go so darn fast!

I had so many things to accomplish these first two months relating to art, artists, shows and marketing and as I sit here working as I do every Saturday with Hilary and we are working diligently on our task list we created – it is apparent to both of us we are running a bit off these first two months.  It’s not a lot but enough to make us both go well… I think we better work a bit faster and maybe one more evening a week.

We both have full time day jobs, but are committed to our joint projects in the art world.  We have decided to publishing a minimum of 2 Art Books this year, she is the brains in the design, correct specs, type and layout and I am the creative pushy one who also loves marketing and creating ways to drive sales while making her nuts asking to add,  move or remove images and change colors.

We also committed to taking the full-time marketing, press features, website updates and digital management of a few artists.  Whew!   Then let’s add to it the shows I am curating and the non-stop search of new talent to invite to the shows.  In doing all this, the one thing I tend to neglect is my own social media marketing for undergroundrobin sigh, I guess I better add this to my daily task list and get my act together and get back on target.

Signing off for now on this quick little update blog and get back to work! 

Ciao …


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